Our first ever team was the senior women’s team for females aged 18 years and over. The Auburn Giants senior team is made up of women

  • 90% of the team is from a Multicultural background
  • 50% of the team is Muslim
  • 90% had never heard of or played AFL in their life. Special thanks to Kirrily Boyd – our Captain in 2011 – 2013 for her leadership and patience in supporting our development on and off the field!
  • More than 60% played other sports like soccer or oztag before joining the Auburn Giants. FYI it’s 4x20 minute quarters of football.
  • The average age in the team is 21 years old
  • Most of the team is pursuing further tertiary education or working
  • On average, each year we have a squad of 30 players.
  • We need 18 players on field and an interchange of 4-6 players. Between birthdays, weddings, studies, work and life… you might be too busy to play footy every weekend!
  • Preseason usually starts in the second week of January.
  • Apart from being awesome footballers, we have a musically talented team and are known to take the Lebanese drums to all our games.