Yash Kammoun

Yash Kammoun

  • Forward

Yash joined the Auburn Giants in the 2014 season making the move from soccer.

Yash is the true definition of a selfless competitor. She puts her body on the line with only one focus in mind: win the ball!

Playing predominantly in the forward line, Yash possesses exceptional marking qualities. Often you will see Yash out muscle and out jump her opponent to win the contested mark. Her kicking abilities are second to none. Having a long and dead straight kick has enabled Yash to boot countless goals.

Yash crunches opponents in tackles. She contests brilliantly both in the air and on the ground, not afraid to put her head over the ball to win the footy.

Yash celerated for her contribution to community

She’s a great footy player and has contributed to the football club, coaching THREE inaugural junior teams.


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