Rayanne Kenny

Rayanne Kenny

  • Wing

Rayanne Kenny had a remarkable first season with the Auburn Giants, cementing her position in the team on the wing.

Rayanne has sporting experience in oz tag having played in many local competitions. She joined the Auburn Giants in 2015 after much convincing from a friend, and hasn’t looked back since.

Rayanne, now a Sydney AFL Academy Player, possesses dazzling footwork and great speed, often leaving her opponents clutching the air. Her fitness sees her running up and down the field on the wing, always giving her teammates an option even in the later parts of the game. This has earned her the prestigious nickname Options!

Rayanne is a talented footballer all round, being able to take a big mark with a leap, or use her speed and agility to win contested ball on the ground. Her enthusiasm for the game is second to none.

Rayanne continues to grow and develop as a footballer with each and every game, and will be a massive threat to opposing teams in the 2016 season.

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