Liali Karra-Hassan

Liali Karra-Hassan

  • Midfield

Liali has played with the Auburn Giants since their foundation as the Auburn Tigers in 2011.

Liali is a natural athelete, built both strong and fast. Her attack on the ball is ferocious and fearless, which allows her to often win a contest that seemed impossible. She has the ability to quickly turn to defence and chase down opponents, ensuring the Giants maintain possession and win the midfield battle.

Liali is a versatile player, also having stints in the forward line. She kicked numerous goals in the 2015 season which were crucial to the Giants success as they looked to become a more dynamic attacking team. Her versatility and tenacity led the Giants to a maiden Preliminary Final in the 2015 season.

Liali is a talented footballer and a classy midfielder. Her fitness, core strength and tenacious attack on the ball will be a massive threat to opposing teams as the Giants compete in Premier Division in 2016. Fun fact: Liali has played the most games for Auburn as both the Tigers and the Giants!


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