Liali Karra-Hassan

Liali Karra-Hassan

  • Midfield

Insta famous – Little Lilz // liali_in_action

Liali started playing footy in our first year (2011). She discovered her natural athletic ability as a strong and fast footballer. Her attack on the ball is ferocious and fearless, winning the hard contested footy that seemed impossible.

Liali is an enigmatic athlete and footballer. Her hard work ethos and tenacity led the Giants to a maiden Preliminary Final in the 2015 season. In the last game of the 2016 season, Liali broke her leg. She spent 2017 in rehab with plans to return to football in 2018.

2013 Coaches Award
2014 Most Consistent
2015 Most Consistent
2016 Life Member (Liali has played the most games for Auburn as both the Tigers and the Giants)!


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