Lael Kassem

Lael Kassem

  • Forward/Midfield

Lael Kassem co-founded the Auburn Tigers in 2011. She is a footballer of the highest calibre, leaving the Auburn Tigers to compete in higher divisions. However, with the Auburn Giants moving to Premier Division, Lael makes a massive comeback to the Giants in 2016!

Lael has extensive AFL background knowledge with 9 of her brothers all being involved in the sport. Her thorough understanding of the game is shown with her performances on field as she dominates opponents and leads the team to success.

Lael’s success has seen her play for the NSW team against Queensland in which she kicked a remarkable goal, later regarded as goal of the season. Her evasiveness and ability to take a contested mark makes Lael a huge threat to the opposition regardless of whether she is playing on ball or in the forward line.

Having all the skills and experience, Lael is a leader on field, directing play and lifting the team when things aren’t going their way.

Lael has countless achievements including best and fairest runner up, goal of the season, playing for NSW and narrowly missing out on being drafted in 2015.

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