Lebanese Muslim Association

The LMA is a not for profit community organisation that provides social, religious, educational and recreational services for the Muslim community

The LMA supports initiatives that advocate for social harmony in a multicultural environment and raise awareness about Islam. The LMA is a natural partner of the Club as their approach aligns with our Club mission and culture.

They have contributed to the match day sponsorship, mentorship, use of their facilities including the hall and provision of an office space.



GoActive is a health and fitness initiative for young women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds which commenced in 2011. The project targets young women who follow the Muslim faith living across Western and South Western Sydney, to provide them with opportunities to be involved in sport and recreation. The GoActive initiative is the first of its kind in Australia for Muslim women specifically with the aim of promoting social harmony and healthy lifestyles by establishing female only sports teams with ongoing sports competitions.

GoActive is dedicated to promoting physical & social wellbeing and foster community harmony through regular sports programs in an inclusive environment. GoActive continues to be successful in providing organised sport for women addressing specific cultural & social needs and as a result increase sports participation.


Auburn City Council

Auburn City Council has supported the Auburn Giants since the teams inception in 2010. They support us by providing access to fields preseason and maintaining a fantastic home ground at Mona Park. We value opportunities to work together on initiatives to strengthen the local community.

Auburn City have recognised our contribution to the Auburn local government area. In 2011, we were awarded the Auburn Mayoral Encouragement Award for launching the Auburn Tigers Women’s Team. The 2015 Auburn Sports Awards are scheduled for November 13, 2015, where our talented players and team are nominees in a number of categories.